About Us

Choc-Ola Corporation is an Indianapolis-based company that manufactures, markets, sells and distributes a throwback beverage brand called Choc-Ola - which is the world's most delicious chocolate drink.

Choc-Ola was originally invented in 1944 and was distributed throughout the Midwest until around 1985. In 1985, Choc-Ola was acquired by a competitor and the product was intentionally shelved to remove it as competition.

In 2009, an Indianapolis native man coincidentally discovered that the Choc-Ola's trademark had expired and not renewed. So he applied for the trademark and officially received it in 2010. He spent the next several years perfecting the original formula and tracking down some of the unique ingredients.

In 2014, he relaunched Choc-Ola back into the marketplace. It is available in hundreds of retail outlets from Central Indiana to the Tennessee border. It is carried by bany independently owned convenient stores, small groceries and independently owned IGAs.